Are You Ready to Exit?

Many Baby Boomers are poised to exit their business without a clear plan. Right now, there is a frenzy of buyers looking for agencies to acquire. But many owners would rather keep the business in their family or maintain its local ownership. There are many choices and the best path is not always clear. A well-designed plan will help maximize the agency value and ability to exit the business on the owner’s desired terms

Here is a Workshop For You

This workshop is specifically designed for insurance agencies and the unique challenges that owners face with a business exit strategy. Leading industry experts will share their experience in what works and what does not work when it comes to agency perpetuation. The workshop will be a hands-on approach to provide the key elements to an effective exit strategy and optimize the desired results. Both buyers and sellers should attend this session to learn the latest trends in insurance agency perpetuation and M&A.


Topics Include


  • Business and Owner Succession Planning Basics
  • Business Valuation Trends and Key Drivers
  • Internal vs. External Perpetuation
  • Important Steps to Sell an Agency
  • Screening Buyers and Determining Compatibility
  • Tips on Structuring the Deal


February 2019

Oakland, CA

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February 2019

Brea, CA

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February 2019

Seattle, WA

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