According to a recent survey of business owners across all industries:

  • 83% either do not have a transition plan (49%) or “have” a plan that has not been documented or communicated (34%)
  • 40% of respondents have no plan for death or disability
  • 14% of respondents over 60 have no plans to transition their business at all

Of those that have a plan

  • 13% have a detailed action plan
  • 50% do not differentiate between management and ownership transfer Rudderless Ships
  • 81% of respondents have no written strategic plan, yet 67% expect to make strategic decisions as part of their exit strategy.

Exiting business owners face some serious problems:

  • Their wealth is trapped in a business and they are discovering that it will not be easy to turn years of time and effort into cash for retirement;
  • They are frustrated because they spend too much time chained to a business that is dependent on them; and
  • Ultimately, they are unable to enjoy the retirement they dreamed of and expected to have.


Are you ready to sell your agency?  Only businesses that are set up to run independently of the owner -- with top talent, a strong operating platform, financial stability, and a strategic edge -- will sell at the desired terms. A well-designed plan will help maximize your business’ value.

Smart agency owners recognize that they need support and help to get their businesses ready. With our consultants, you can have access to the advice of professional advisors that have worked with hundreds of insurance agencies over the years. Consultants that know the insurance industry and are leaders in the M&A arena.

A good Business Exit Strategy will help you:

  • be able to clearly articulate their business and personal financial goals with respect to business succession planning.
  • understand fair market value and key valuation driver for your business.
  • learn how to exploit multiple value enhancement opportunities.
  • create a time chart to plot out an optimal exit-planning situation.
  • analyze and describe the pros and cons of each exit-planning situation considered.
  • have a better concept of an executable tax strategy designed for maximum wealth preservation.
  • create multiple business action strategies with a cost/benefit analysis for each.
  • draft multiple personal action strategies recommended to them with a cost/benefit analysis for each.

Contact us to discuss your situation and get a customized proposal for your own business exit plan.